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先見( .K△III.LUU△. )の明

-----( L.U.A, Launch Under Attack. 16. East Coast, U.S.A. )----- This website consists of Graffiti, Anime, Fashion, Body Art, Culture, Music, Skateboarding, BMX, and Beautiful Women. I bomb under the following names: "Kas[h]uupré/$9/Klon", "KauLua/KuuLuu/KvvLvv/KwLw/KooLoo", "Visoneir", "V.$9V", "Matruu", "Morpheuus", "0mn1st/Om[ॐ]-Ni", "SHed/Sh3d", "Shuv-Stuv", "Sssassin", "Sardi[us]" and "Blatnoy-Z!/Balaz-O[vvka]!". I write for a story in developement, "Sachon Haunt". I am Sachem Kailua of The Omnipotent Oligarcy of Oneiroi, The Kuusoukas, 3 Sabres. "Dream On and Stay Dreamy", and Enjoy your Visit.
Twitter: @TheKuusouka

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I’m taken aback by this.